“You can only create action out of passion”- H.Sanders

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Haiko Sanders

My grandfather's name is Haiko Jonkhoff. He was a huge part of my life growing up - and, after witnessing his passing, I feel a strong connection with him through our unique name. Growing up on two sides of the planet, Holland and Indonesia, gave me opportunities to learn about and respect diversity and cultures from a very early age. That was a true gift. Being supported and visited by family and friends in all these different places always raised a gratifying feeling of belonging. Scroll down to see my family, home, and adventures.

Anna Jonkhoff

I love my mother. My mum worked as a successful lawyer before she was diagnosed with intense migraines. She studied corporate law and environmental law. After a while she realised that going to court for environmental organisations like Greenpeace was her real passion. She has worked successfully in those realms for two decades. She now enjoys life as much as possible with this terrible disease. Often she still stands up for human rights or environmental justice in the form of interviews, news articles, or lectures.

Thierry Sanders

My father often travels for work. My dad was already moving a lot from a young age. His father, or my grandfather was a banker who traveled for work. And as the apple doesn't fall far from the tree my father studied finance and economics. His work is a long journey if you would like to continue to find out more click here for my dad’s TedXTalk.

Jet Sanders

This is my sister Jet. We have our share of disagreements, like all siblings do - but we also have shared some life-changing adventures that will always bond us together, Jet is a very social person and loves being active. She also has a somewhat secretive passion for art like me. I’m inspired and excited to see what she will grow into.


Movement is my driver;

everyday I exercise through land, air, and water.


Besides doing many active things I love surfing. Finding your flow in the ocean is like no other sport out there. It is truly an art form. I have traveled days just to feel the elation of all stresses while riding these moving objects. It is no surprise that I feel most alive when I’m within all the magical, artistic chaos that is 'my perfect wave'.

Want to learn how to surf without getting wet?

Find a comfortable place to relax, and click the link or image. This curated playlist will guide you through some very helpful and fun to watch videos to improve your existent or non-existent surfing skill.


Using my feet to go from A to B is pleasurable challenge. Often I find myself climbing traitorous volcanoes and ridges to feel most alive.


A sport I grew up with; passed on by family I wasn’t always sure if I liked it, but through these highs and lows in tennis I grew stamina.


Its a funny thing calling this place home. It is located right in the forest just outside of Haarlem. My father, mother, and I moved here when I was four. It was time to leave Amsterdam behind for a more relaxed and natural life. Growing up here for 9 years I found myself in the garden, forest, or ocean daily. My sense of belonging does belong to this place. It has been my longest home. In Bali we were moving around a lot so there also wasn’t any real long-period home there.

My Family

The two sides to my family - from my mother and father's sides - are very different. My mothers side is truly Dutch to the core. My fathers family is spread throughout the world. They love adventure, and work is a big part of their lives.

The Sanders Family

This is my grandpa, Jeroen Sanders. He is such an active grandpa. He also brings our whole family together on holidays, dinners, and trips like this one in the North Sea. The rest of the family are all very welcoming and have varying spectrum of interests and knowledge. What makes us family is the Sanders gene. We are all motivated and like things straight up. Often we joke about how vibrant and therefore easy to spot the personality of a Sanders is.

The Jonkhoff Family

Since I also do not have a Jonkhoff family picture in my possession I chose my other grandfather. This is grandpa Haiko moments before he received euthanasia. This was such a memorable moment in my life. Before I watched him pass, Haiko said to me: “Surfing is not only good for you physically, but also mentally”. I found this very confusing as surfing was not my priority at all in that moment in time. Now I can relate to it. I believe he was telling me to follow a passion. This passion will not only shape who you are, but give you a feeling of purpose and peace in life. For the rest of the Jonkhoff family this was a shocking day. They are all very kind and very good at listening. I can have good long conversations with many of them. I feel a sense of belonging when I am surrounded by their presence.


Below are certification which I have in my possession and skill set.

Bronze Certificate

Getting my Bronze lifeguarding and lifesaving certificate has not only gotten me a job, but it has helped me to save multiple individuals. The course provides solo and team rescues from chaotic ocean. How to provide CPR and how to diagnose symptoms of commonalities after drowning, fainting, seizures, broken or fractured bones, and many more. It has helped me over the years to perfect my surf coaching. It has also helped me save three people out of trouble in the ocean.

SOAP Ambassador

Student Ocean Ambassador Program is been a part of my journey in Bali for four consecutive years. It has taken me to the ocean in the form of surfing. Going on trash walks and spreading awareness about plastic waste was our side hobby. The last year I became an ambassador and spent my time as a TA or associate teacher in several SOAP classes. This program has made me aware of our 21st century problems surrounding the ocean. Luckily it has also shown me how to adapt, overcome and solve these problems. To find out more click here and scroll down to A Surf In Bali.

4th Low Carbon Development Plan In Indonesia

During this 4th annual edition of the Indonesian low-carbon conference. I was a guest and guest speaker at once. Providing some insights about my experiences with waste and waste solutions, it was an experience that is not often witnessed in Indonesia. It gave a me a lot of inspiration and confidence in Sibang Waste To Value (click here to find out more).

International & wilderness first responder

This course was provided by the Green School, Bali. It was a course that certified me to be knowledgeable and fast in the rescue of masses and individuals on land. Rescue techniques, getting help, applying first aid, and diagnosing were all part of getting this certificate.

Padi Open Water

An Open Water diving certificate is something I highly recommend getting when in Indonesia. It has let me explore reefs and marine life that are simply out of this world. It has also let me see the rapid damage we are causing to our reefs and fish by acidification and plastics trash. During my time in Indonesia I have explored and put out sensors with the BiosphereFoundation in North-Bali. During my last year in Bali I went to Raja Ampat (click to find out). This place put me in complete trans and awareness of the beauty of this planet.

SIM A & C (driving license)

My very first driving license is in fact an Indonesian one. Both my car (A) and motorbike (C) license I acquired at once. Driving in Indonesia is like no other place and I believe it has prepared me for any type of road or traffic. Once I got my licenses it gave me a sense of freedom to explore the island of Bali, and also Indonesia. For an example scroll down to Sumbawa in travel.

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