“Art speaks where words are unable to explain”-M.Castro

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Why Art?

I love art. It takes my mind completely away into a creative state of reality. From as early as I can remember I have incorporated art into my life. This might have been a simple sand castle, or a Go-Pro video, but I was there trying to explain something that I could not find the words to explain. Fast forward to an age of 17; I have not stopped creating art. I enjoy creating videos, shaping with clay, designing things out of anything you could imagine, and writing poems. Below are all sorts of art I have made.

Medium: Clay

Using your hands to shape. I find using clay a very meditative and creative way to express yourself. My work is almost always functional, and serves the purpose of a great artistic piece while serving its own function.

A Beginning

This cup and saucer are the first things I have ever glazed. Together with a clay master I got hooked onto the technique of cup making. Using only my hands. As you could imagine I did not aim for perfection, but instead took on the challenge. Learning where I could, and enjoying every part of it.


A smoker's dream. The motive behind this creation was the genius mind of a friend. This friend by the name of Morris is a musician (click for his music). Besides creating perfection for my ears, he has a side-hobby of smoking cigarettes. This led him to telling me about the idea of an Ash-Tree. So after a couple nights of sleep. I thought it would be a good idea. Using a very rough piece of clay. I shaped the tree out of a single piece. Each branch has its very own ash-tray. Also a small branch can hold three cigarettes for the resting smoker. However, I love creating with clay, especially original pieces. I do not support smoking. I have kept the Ash-Tree at my house so as to not support other individuals smoking habits.

A Cat Who Drinks Tea

As I was slowly sipping my chamomile tea. The thought of minuscule clay pieces came to me. A thing I had not explored yet. Creating the very own tea-set I was drinking at my table was the idea. By using a terracotta clay I reduced the chance of any cracks, and truly satisfied myself with the result. The cat and chair are compliments to the tea-set. Both are physical representations of a chair and cat I have grown up with.

Behind The Wheel

Led by a Balinese ceramics company: Kevala Ceramics. I created my first pieces behind a spinning wheel. The movement and creation process are completely different to using your hands. There is a true mezmerizing aspect to using a wheel, and I could easily do this for hours. My results are very simplistic, but an experience I would completely recommend.

Arnold Swartznegger

This is a second version of A Beginning. This time the saucer is the point of focus. Using a simple carving tool I went about to carve out Arnold Swartznegger’s face. His mouth was then the perfect resting place for a tiny cup. This has now become a single-flower vase on the dining table.

Giraffa articulasai

This Giraffe is a hybrid of a Masai Giraffe, and a Reticulated Giraffe. I call this a Giraffa reticulasai. This specific one is a male of the age of 7. At this stage it weighs 3600 pounds, and has a height of 18.5 foot. The neck is of 1.95 meters in length and includes 7 vertebrae’s just like us humans. This animal mainly lives on the savannas, but can be found in woodlands. For nurturing it preferably eats the Acacia tree, but it can consume many more types of vegetations, it can do this thanks to its 4 chambered stomach, and this giraffe can drink as much as 10-12 liter’s of water to survive several weeks without drinking again. This animal can run up to 65km per hour and makes use of this as its only defense mechanism.

A Coffee Cup 2x

Once I found myself in the groof of claying. The quality and skill comes naturally. Using a similar technique as A Beginning I started to apply the mistakes I had learnt. The first trial on the right is a semi-dome like structure. Held up by a simple ring of clay. This piece was very smooth, but as I realized after glazing that it takes a true master to perfect a symmetrical cup. The left piece starts off exactly the same as the right. Only until I decided to squeeze it into a donut-like shape. This piece has come out great, and serves as a lovely coffee cup.

Gunung Agung

Exploring the island brings me inspiration. Originating from a country like the Netherlands a volcano is not a common sight. The intensity of Gunung Agung (mount Agung) is consuming. To portray this I turned a minuscule version of Gunung Agung into an incense holder.

Medium: Paint

Paint is one of the last things I would make art through. It is a true challenge when I pick up a brush and want to create. This is what brings me back to picking up the brush every so often. Most of the art I have created is based upon very realistic circumstances.

Bird of Paradise Flower

The Bird of Paradise Flower is as aesthetically pleasing as could be. The bird it is named after, Bird of Paradise as well so. These are found all around Indonesia. The sounds and dance they create are truly out of this world. (click here for video). However, this painting was evolved out a an historic art class. Working from the French Renaissance period to land art from the 21st century. The final product for this class had to be a technique learned together with a natural element. This led me to the Bird of Paradise Flower. Using a specific layering and shading technique I went to work. Here is the result of trying my absolute best at painting.


The island of the gods. This is my fathers Christmas present. Using a projector I slightly cheated on the outline of Bali and the letters. The rest came by remembrances of hue’s when exploring this beautiful island. The deep blue Indian Ocean, to the top of Gunung Agung provide stunning natural colors like bright green’s, dark blue’s, orange-yellow, and black for the lava rocks.

An Inspiration: Piet Mondriaan

Piet Mondriaan must be one of my all-time favourite Dutch artists. 28 years after his birth in 1872, he started painting his famous grid paintings. Until I made a trip to the Amsterdam Art Museum I did not know the story or intention of his grid paintings. Then when I saw the work lined up I stood there in shock. Suffering from disbelief that a simple Dutch farmland had been turned into an internationally famous grid painting. My admiration behind this is that Mondriaan took something completely real, and turned it into an abstract. This gives me confidence in my work. The things I have created are always realistic, and sensing abstractness in my pieces is truly rare. However, with the thought of Mondriaan’s work in the back of my head. I know that any of my pieces withhold more than the eye could truly see, and the brain could truly imagine.

Medium: Design

My mind likes to know how things are made internally and externally. Design is where I express these lessons from my mind. Design is a medium I can see myself applying in future in work or study.

Dancing Utensils

Knowing composition is essential as an artist. When starting to learn and experiment with this, I kept things simple. Using a pencil, pen, and rubber I created several designs. Some work with the rule of thirds, others with shadows, and probably a lot more which I’m not familiar with. By putting these designs to paper I started to feel a lot more comfortable with composition. The piece is named Dancing Utensils.

The Upward Helix Spiral

The Fibonacci sequence and a Balinese ancient dye’ing technique seemed like an appealing idea. While studying the Fibonacci sequence during an elaborate science class. We were put with the task of artistically portraying the Sequence in any of its aspects. For me this meant transforming the common sequence in nature to a bone-like structure of this linnen cloth. The Upward Helix Spiral is one that is a rarer Fibonacci sequence than the 175.5 degree arrangement or the single horizontal spiral as seen on my piece at the bottom. The vertical gain provides a double sequence in both vertical and horizontal aspects. It did not occur to me what plants or animals represent such spiral, but I do know that it is quite rare. The dying technique is done with a traditional Tjanting. This deposits the Tinta (wax) onto the linen. Then once dried I used a combination of natural Dye’s to make black lines, dark blue spots, and red border.

An Inspiration: New Amsterdam Surf Association

This Amsterdam based surfing brand is an inspiration. They are the odd one out. All surfing companies I know are constantly showcasing beautiful woman and perfect tropical waves. NASA is true to its origin. “A rebellious counter movement challenging the established surf culture lies at the very core of Europe’s New Amsterdam Surf Association.” Together with their conceptual and unique clothing designs I support what they do.

Words from the founder:

“Amsterdam based founder and former professional windsurfer Paul Zeper (28) first learned how to windsurf at the age of 14 under typical Dutch weather conditions. Unlike the tropical settings usually associated with surfing, Paul and his surf crew are used to mostly dealing with brown waters, muddy coastlines, cold water temperatures and lots of wind, but it will never withhold them from practicing the sport they love most. To the contrary, they like the way these conditions leave room for only those who are truly passionate about surfing, no matter the circumstances.”


This is a Buckminsterfullerene. These dome like structures are built out of carbon atoms. Each black ball represents one. They are all interconnected by their bonds. This inspiring structure gave me the inspiration to do some research on them, and finally create my own. Which was a lot harder than I anticipated.

Benjamin’s Bin

This project was designed by me to help clean up our school. After having designed the whole thing online (SketchUp). An O.G. paper and pen version came out way handier. After a good week of work we made four of these bins. They separate plastic, aluminium/paper, and organics. We also added on a small rack for used glass bottles and bamboo plates.

An Inspiration: Theo Jansen

This work needs absolutely no words to describe. The beach animals created by Theo Jansen are incredible.

Medium: Video

Through the medium of video I feel most comfortable. Simply documenting by using a phone, camera or anything surrounding me. I always try to film something that is real, unique and relatable.

A Stop Motion Film By H.S.

This piece was initiated as a school project. The essence of it, to creatively express how plastic is used and disposed. My spin on this was to adapt the Balinese version of this. Most plastic here is disregarded as being something terrible and often thrown into nature. This then leads to the common phenomenon of plastic being leaked into the ocean through the islands tropical rivers. Working with stop-motion was an incredible amount of work. When finished, this all paid off through this video.


A space confined by cement walls, and few windows. I call this space my room. It is a representation of me. The things I have collected and created. Things that inspire me, or are simply unique. This video is completely shot from videos taken within my room. Combined with one of my favorites Un Gelato Al Limon; it makes for a great watch.

The Old Problem

This particular film started as a school project. It had to portray Dissociative Personality Disorder. To do this I took the one and only, Donald Trump. As Donald goes through his day to day life you experience what it is like to live with this disorder. One can experience up to 15 personalities hidden within them. Donald Trump makes for a great experience as he loves to talk in 3rd person. The beginning of the video is taken from an old Doctor Becker episode. It briefly touches upon what a Dissociative Personality Disorder is.

A Surf In Bali

A surf in Bali reminds me of the plastic problem we face on this tropical island. The creation of this video was meant to give back. I wanted to give something back to the Green School program SOAP (Student Ocean Ambassador Program). They provide problem-solving courses related to the ocean. Courses ranging from diving, marine biology, and surfing. My involvement was in the surfing realms which is also seen in this film. Together with one other student and two of the SOAP teachers we had an eye-opening discussion on the topic.

A “Progressive” Truth

The nineteen hundreds brought so much change to this planet. An Industrial revolution which is now felt as the biggest change. During that time things were taken, and through certain perspectives things were built. This to some might seem innovative or progressive mindset. Others would disregard such thought, and completely disagree. Drastic change such as the industrial revolution has left a lot more damage behind than anticipated by most. Some might call it climate change, and others people change. This clay animation provokes this change, and how it played out in western cities and indigenous tribes.


A calm, quiet hallway. Well, until two teenage boys cannot resist the temptation to give it all they have got. My friend Italo Azario and I used the same clips to make a video. Both had their unique flare, and as we tried to decipher who had created the real masterpiece; we came to the realization that art has no rights or wrongs. However, here is the video that I made.

A Balinese Seaweed Farm

During a school excursion we visited a seaweed farm during the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. This felt like a unique opportunity to do some cinematography. Both seeing the seaweed and talking to the owner of the farm were exquisite experiences. The activity as a whole consistently brought me back to the question: What do we really need in this life?

ROOM 902

A room filled with screenagers. Even I must admit to being one. This did not stop me from making a comedic film.

Welcome to Haiko’s thoughts

This video is the essential introduction to my YouTube account that I was missing. It’s simple, yet welcoming and makes it more than understandable to see how and who I have become.


This is a compilation of short clips from surf trips I have participated in within the first 6 months of 2021. The film was created out of a state of reflection while in Covid-19 quarantine. The female featured is Stella Klim. (very good long-boarder)


The thing I have always enjoyed most is me being in nature. For some being in nature has become listing to David Attenborough on Netlfix. So for those who do, give this a go. It’s my version of our planet. It’s my planet. I hope it inspires you to find your own.


Find a road that you less travel by. This video is the core essence of how I enjoy my time off, if that even exists. Don’t go searching for a perfect sunset just go do something and it will lead you to that sunset.


Sliding our way down to Cantabria for a week of surfing pleasure with Surfana colleagues.


An afternoon doing what I love most.

Miracle Room

A space filled with things I do not understand, so I filmed them.

Medium: Food

Food is art. The selection of ingredients combined with the plating of dishes is something I truly admire. Below you can find some my trials.

Add Ingredients

From a young age I have been surrounded by excellent produce. Growing up with a large garden gives you a sense of what a truly fresh carrot is. Moving to Bali has changed this, but not so much as expected. A wide range of fruits and vegetables are in season all year. These small carrots are one such vegetable. They are grown in the mountain range of Bedugul. By using fresh ingredients in a meal you can never go wrong.

Pasta Parpadelle Portobello

A true simple feast. Using some fresh Portobello mushrooms with a cream-based sauce can never go wrong. Combine this with some hand rolled pasta and it is all you could ask for. The instructions for rolling this pasta were given to me by my dear Italian friend. He said: “If you can read a love letter through the pasta it is ready to be boiled”. I would recommend this advice, and try to read an old love letter through it. This pasta pappardelle portobello came out perfectly and serves me well as brunch, lunch or dinner.

Grandma’s slice

A square is the shape of the best pizza I have ever tasted. Having the pleasure of working together with an Italian from Rome, you truly taste the difference. Before putting these masterpieces in the oven we went to work on the dough. This was done 24 hours in advance. Combining flour, yeast, water, and olive oil; while creating gluten was the key. The following day we painted this doughy canvas with charred tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, anchovies, potato, sausage, onion, and a lot of olive oil.

Caesar Salad

This palet refreshing dish is completely constructed out of the leftovers in our fridge and freezer. Turning leftovers into such a salad was a rewarding experience. The salad consisted of a mix of lettuce with some charred Romaine leaves. Pecorino, toasted bread, and boiled egg which made a great beginning. The sauce was a twist upon traditional Caesar salad. Melting some butter, and combining with a drop of olive oil created my liquid base. To this I only added canned anchovies to give it a salty and memorable flavor. To top this all off I quickly pan-fried boneless chicken breast. This was completely soaked in the Caesar salad dressing while cooking.


In Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian), campur means mix or a mixture. A mixture of some of my more perfected dishes. A caesar salad, pan-fried chicken, pasta pappardelle portobello, and some home-made pesto. Lastly I added deep fried eggplant to be combined with the pasta. This dish was shared with my sister and parents, and they were quite surprised by the combination and taste of this dinner.

Keep It Simple

Bring it down to basics. I love me a dinner with 6 dishes, but when you know how to use simple ingredients to make a tasty meal. You will only improve from that point. Slowly experimenting with taste, and texture I find my ways to make a meal complex.

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