“If you don't know where you've come from, you don't know where you're going”-M.Angelou

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My Educational Path

This path is one with many sharp turns. There might be a glimpse of a straight forward path, but before you know it you’re on a tangent of diverse directions. The combination of unique and traditional schools I have been in has taught me more than a single school ever could. Scroll down and follow my path from primary to secondary education.

Primary Education :

De Beatrix School

The Beatrix school was my longest educational stretch out of any of these schools. I spent 8 years of my life studying here. Looking back at it now it shaped so much of who I have become. Learning how to read, write, spell, do maths and socialize over the years. The way these fundamental things are taught can be life altering. The teachers who taught me here all had good, mature morals. Some were strict and others hilarious. The last few years here felt like months. The end of my schooling here made me nervous since I was having to move onto a more independent school.

Secondary Education pt.1 :


Out of the many schools around my home, I went here. Having been advised to go to HAVO or standard educational program I had a lot of choice. I picked this school mainly for its historical building and it being very close to my house (5 minutes by bicycle). The school truly had so much more than I thought was needed. From scientific apparatus to libraries, and theatrical spaces for the masses. The single year that I spent here was a lot of hard work. There were a lot of tests and studying every week. It gave me a lot of discipline going to such a traditional secondary education.

Secondary Education pt.2 :

Green School

I am not even going to try and compare this school to my previous secondary education. It blew my mind away at how different you can be taught. 'Project based learning' is the best way I can describe the Green School curriculum. The school likes to describe it this way: “At Green School, we believe that students learn more from how they are taught than from what they are taught.” or, “a community of learners making our world sustainable”. Five continuous years of learning through these concepts while in jungle and magnificent bamboo buildings was a 'once in a life time' experience.

secondary education pt.2 :

Done and Dusted

Green School Class of 2021 valedictorian; Haiko Sanders.

  • Past: My time at Green School has fueled me with inspiration and motivation to get out there, and create change out of my passions.

  • Present: I am currently in the midst of a transition between two worlds. Having left Bali to return home to Amsterdam has been a tough transition, but it will provide me with opportunities that would not be available in Bali.

  • Future: In September of 2021 I will start my business studies at InHolland University of Applied Sciences. I hope that this opportunity will introduce me into a more specific passion in business. Through I will empower my lessons from the Green School.

University of Applied sciences:

InHolland, Haarlem

A big change. independent, informative, and motivating this school is. This school is a complete contrast to my experience at the Greenschool. A fresh and new perspective to learn from.

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Haiko Sanders* 2021