Starting a new era of waste management in Bali.

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Turning plastic into value

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Sibang Waste To Value is a recycling project. It was set up with a group of individuals from the Green School community (me included). We work to change Bali’s plastic problem into something valuable. This comes in the forms of fuel, education, economy, and sustainability. This new technology has immense potential for the island of Bali and Indonesia. It is the right fit, and our work is already showing proof. Through support from our island's existing plastic recycling pioneers. We are on our way to create a new era of waste management in Bali

Our Solution

“Our relationship with plastic waste has to change from a line to a circle”-Haiko

A machine is coming to Bali.

This pyrolysis machine loves all the dirty and difficult plastic that can’t be recycled. Think of thin supermarket bags, multi layer plastic sachets or simply dirty plastic… This is the type of plastic that pollutes Bali’s beaches, rivers and rice fields.

This machine can convert 1000 kg of this non-recyclable plastic into +/- 500 liters of diesel … the stuff that runs diesel engines like trucks, generators and ships.

Visual Content

A collection of visual content which clearly explain the mission, vision, operation, inspiration and many more things around Sibang Waste To Value.

Get Lost Education with Haiko Sanders

“Real action and change can only happen out of passion.” - Haiko, High School student On this month’s episode of ‘Get Lost Education’, our Head of School, Sal Gordon sits down with Haiko and discusses a groundbreaking project called the ‘Sibang Waste to Value.'“

Turning Waste into Value - Haiko Sanders | High School

“Today (1/6/21), people all over the world are welcoming #PlasticFreeJuly- a personal challenge, part of a global effort, for the oceans, for cleaner streets, improved health and wellbeing for the planet 🌎.”

Our Values

In a Balinese village called Sibang Kaja we work to build a circle. A circle of impact and action for our island. Taking plastic and turning it into value is what we showcase in Sibang Kaja. Aside from this. SIbang Waste To Value empowers education, economy, and sustainability as its core values. We provided Education which allows us to showcase our business to the local and international classroom. Economy is empowered through a healthy circular economy. Giving plastic value provides real jobs and revenue for a small community like Sibang Kaja. The sustainability part is how we create and reinforce this circle. From start to finish. Giving these non-recyclable plastics value and taking them out of oceans, rivers, landfills, and everything in between.


Our pilot, or prototype site in Sibang Kaja. Will show the true potential for the project's scale. This site is important to lead as an example for coming expansions and support for this project. This is why the team has decided to start incorporating education to incorporate the local and international communities. The Green School students would also be involved. Examples for education would be the distillation process of the oil. How the different types of plastics provide different qualities, and quantities of oil. And on the entrepreneur side of things how to keep a unique business like this up and running in a place like Indonesia.


As mentioned before, this project holds a lot more, and provides great potential for its future growth. The machine we have for our pilot location turns plastic into a crude oil through a chemical melting process called Pyrolysis. This technique can turn plastic into fuel without producing any more pollution than a regular car engine. The pyrolysis machine can take in plastics types 1 to 7 making it one of the only solutions for non-recyclable plastics such as styrofoam, multi-layer sachets and low quality plastic wrappers. Which are produced in great volume in Indonesia. This project will initially provide a cleaner, and more organized Sibang Kaja, but with the right support this could grow to stop Indonesia from being the second biggest ocean plastic polluter in the world, which it is today.


The economic side of the business has two real aspects, the first being that it creates new jobs. The concept is that we provide a pyrolysis machine to an already existent trash collection or sorting site (TPST). By installing such machine the processing of plastic can be done right there which provides more jobs in Sibang Kaja. The second and most impactful aspect which is the localization, and potential. The modernization of the local trash facilities (TPST) or even the big trash facilities (TPA) would increase by something close to double their trash, and therefore profits. These machines could start non-recyclable plastic buy back schemes, which would revolutionize the Indonesian trash industry. With localization it will keep things within the community. Currently Bali sees most of its revenues go to foreigners or the Javanese. This system is different, it will keep money circulating within Sibang Kaja. Lastly in Bali our project is already starting to impact some existing , and up and coming initiatives. The BaliXchange is ready to partner up with our project to provide us with the plastic they would otherwise have to dump. Supporting each other will not only benefit us, but they will have a local solution without the plastic pollution.

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