The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”-S.Augustine


A friend once told me that you will become your parents. Never could I be identical to my parents. However, in the aspect of travel and adventure this friend of mine was spot on. My parents are adventurers. Scroll down to find places I have lived in and explored, and the places I have gone to see for the adventure.

The Netherlands

This is my home. Whenever I go somewhere I feel away from this place called home. There are way too many trips and memories. I simply cannot put it to words. Take a good look at the pictures to get an image of this place I call home.

Bali, Indonesia

5 years passed on this tropical island. The island of the gods is a true paradise. Having the opportunity to come here and finish my secondary education at the Green School was indescribably nurturing. On the island we were living in the epicenter of tourism. In a place called Canggu. Leaving this place to discover the rest of the island provided a contrast that made me appreciate the beauty while spending my time there. Every day was heaven. From waking up to fresh fruits and local dishes, to surfing giant waves in Bali’s tropical oceans.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Four Kings. Raja Ampat is a secluded regency in Indonesia. It is ruled by four kings. Each king possesses islands, ocean, reef, and the most diverse marine life in the world. Here I celebrated the beginning of the year 2021. Alongside me were my parents, girlfriend, and family friends. We left a large harbor and moved our way across all regencies. On this journey we saw many small islands, but most spectacular were the three dives I did every day. Click on the large image to see a compilation of all the things I captured while diving.


A country like no other. A rich culture that I have never experienced before made for a trip I will not forget. This was our first time to Japan, and luckily my mother has a very good friend who is a tour-guide of Japan in its entirety. She advised us to see her favorite spots, which we did. We first went to Tokyo where we enjoyed the city life. Then we moved south in the direction of Hiroshima. Along the way we saw many villages and ways of life in Japan. The Japanese saunas, and art islands in Naoshima were a highlight. Then we moved onto one of my favorite past times in the snow. Skiing and snowboarding in Hokkaido was mind-blowing. There were days were we woke up with several meters of powder-snow. The trip was almost entirely done by bullet train. It was such a unique trip, and opened my mind to a completely different culture with different lifestyles.

Schruns, Austria

Once a year we spent a week in the alps. A week which I would long for, for months. Being together with family during this time made it only better. From my earliest memories I can remember this trip. My grandfather had already done it about 50 times before I was born. I know all the slopes by heart. There is such freedom when I come here. The cold is where I can belong just as much as the tropics. Schruns is a place I hope to return to for the rest of my life.

Lyngor, Norway

My uncle lives in Norway. Together with his wife and son they have made Oslo their home. As well as the two islands which they own in a fjord next to Lyngor. The rough beauty brings me back here most summers. We spend our days fishing, boating, wakeboarding, and exploring the thousands of islands in the endless fjords.

New Zealand


My parents thought it would be a good idea to visit the furthest country from The Netherlands. Fortunately we were living in Bali at the time. Even though the flight still took 12 hours we were all happy to be in New Zealand. It was a first for my dad, mum, me, and sister. We traveled from Wellington in the north island southwards. We saw fjords, cliffs, cities, and endless forest while we made our way to Queenstown. Here we hopped on a flight to Australia. Sydney was nice. It felt like Europe. The people and the pretty simplistic city-life felt different to New Zealand. My time there was still enjoyable. Surfing, exploring, eating, and seeing an opera were lovely.

Oxford/London, England

This is the true definition of being a tourist. My father promised me a trip to anywhere desired. I randomly chose London, and later that week we were on a flight there. The weekend was mostly rainy. We did what we could to suck up some culture, and sights while not getting too rained on. About a year later my father and I visited Oxford together with grandpa, mother, and sister. We went to see my dad’s good friend Pedro. He lives in Oxford. There we saw Oxford university. It was a massive campus which did not intrigue me much besides the locations where Harry Potter was shot.


This is was one of my last trips in Indonesia. 3 good friends and I went on an expedition to cross Bali, Lombok, and arrive in West-Sumbawa. Driving my car through all these places was eye-opening. We saw things that a usual tourist would not experience. Soaking in culture, food, natural beauty, and uncrowded waves we reached Sumbawa after 7 days. Here I suddenly became very sick. The next couple of days were spend in bed while observing perfect waves from my balcony. My sickness got so bad that my father had to fly over and drive us back. Once returned in Bali I spent another week resting until I felt better. This trip definitely had a twist however, we all had an incredible time bonding and seeing these islands by car.


Now that I look at the visuals I see a lot of sand. This portrays a part of Egypt that was there, but in my eyes there was a lot more than sand. After exploring the big smelly city Cairo we headed for the ocean. A place called Dahab is where we found the Red Sea. It was beautiful, the food was fresh and wildly spiced. The people were friendly and invited me in as family. While riding camels through the desert I became great friends with a boy who took me snorkelling the next. The reef was so alive. It was the best I had seen up to that point in my life. Egypt was a country full of secrets. Things that I did not expect, and a lot of things that tasted very good.


This exploration of Morocco was completely different to a place like Egypt. One might imagine them being somewhat similar in terms of the culture, and geography. But they were surprisingly different. True to its local dishes and detailed architecture it was. Accompanied by my best friend Puck and his family we travelled from Marrakech to the Sahara Desert. Here I found the biggest sandbox in the world. The 5 days we stayed there were unreal. The four nights were accompanied by every star in the night sky.

Houston, Texas

A surreal trip it was. My father was working with a man called Putera Sampoerna. He was the man behind the biggest clove cigarette company in Indonesia. He spent part of his fortune on his ranch and estate in Houston, Texas. Sampoerna invited us to come over to his ranch for Christmas. Driving golf buggies, and shooting clay pigeons with shotguns gave me a distinct memory of Texas.

Canary Islands

Sadly I did not have many images of this trip. I remember it being a warm sunny time. We went from Tenerife to La Gomera. La Gomera is a small island with a big volcano which gives views of the ocean and Canary Islands in every direction. We spent our time hiking several ridges of the mountain. Besides the height and views we enjoyed the clean beaches, and warm ocean. Rejuvenating relaxation at its finest.

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