“The only source of knowledge is experience”-Einstein

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Work Experience and Service Trips

Experience is knowledge. This to me is a fact. Learning from making a mistake is the purest form of progress. For me I had the privilege to progress with Surfana. They are a Surfing organization in The Netherlands. From the age of 14 anyone in the Netherlands is able to work. In Bali this is quite different. Foreigners rarely get offered jobs, and a hard to acquire visa is needed to be able to work.


Salt is an eventful place. It is located right at the water in the harbour of Oslo, across from the opera building. This place is a truly unique. Unique in the midst of the Norwegian culture. From saunas, bars, musicians, and artist; Salt has it all. I enjoyed myself here with a week long internship through my uncle who works at Salt. We spent the week turning a traditional Norwegian fishing loft into a concert hall for performances, parties, and workshops. From this week of work I took a lot of new skills with me. Learning how to weld, do carpentry, operate lifts, and most importantly know how to heat a sauna to a Norwegian standard (very f#cking hot).


When I heard the bicycle shop near our house closed and found out a café was coming to take its place I was quite happy. At the time there were very little cafes around and this would be a lovely place to enjoy a coffee or lunch nearby. Year in and out I would come here with my parents, but now I work here. Stach is a café with a simple, natural, and raw atmosphere. I work at Stach as a waiter, sous-chef, and barista. Its a great job for me, which teaches me valuable lessons in communication, organisation of tasks, forward thinking, problem-solving, and know how to make a great cappuccino.


This is a job like no other I have ever experienced. It revolves around quickly delivering groceries to customers on a bicycle. This job is easy and provides me mostly with financial independence. It does however, give me some great insight into what some people do for a living. The job is flexible and active. It’s quite a contrast to the work I did coincidingly at café Stach.


Hands down Surfana was the best first job I could have ever asked for. Working in the very place that makes me happy every single day is a true pleasure. The summer I turned 14 I did my first season here. Getting up and active as a lifeguard, carrying boards and wetsuits. This, to no surprise, led me to want to become a surf instructor. This could not be done in Holland because of the scarce time I had there. So I adapted and found a way to acquire them in Bali. Now I returned for three continuous surf coaching seasons. It was such a joy getting to enjoy the ocean and teach people how to surf.

If you want to experience Surfana and what it might have been like for me to work there, Click on any of the images below.

Recommendation Letter

''Haiko was dedicated to learn a lot, and put all of his knowledge about surfing into his work”.

After my second season at Surfana I asked for a recommendation letter. You can find it below.

Service Trip: Malang, East-Java

Malang Surfing Association arranged for myself and Greenschool students to come to East-Java, and give back. We decided to build a library and small classroom for a village in the middle of nowhere. We were in constant collaboration with the locals. They had the building knowledge and we had the muscles. The raw beauty of the place was stunning. We stayed camping on a beach for 6 days while building a solution against a problem. A library might seem like an odd way to give back in our modernized world. This in fact is completely the opposite. Books hold knowledge and literature that is hard to find on our World Wide Web. It provides exposure to language, culture, and endless amounts of knowledge. This base created out of words and paper has planted the seed for local Javanese to flourish.

photoshoot: Isabelle Backer X Surfana

During this photoshoot I modelled in the Surfana Festival merchandise for 2021. The merchandise designed by Isabelle Backer for Surfana was modelled by me in the forests and dunes of Bloemendaal, The Netherlands.

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Sibang Waste To Value

This is a project that encompasses my future. In 2019 I was invited to join a conference about clean energy in Indonesia. Without knowing I was representing a new Green School project about plastic pyrolysis (click here or on the visuals to find out more). During my time at Sibang Waste To Value I picked up skills while performing PR, business connections, business plans, finance, and our three value concepts. Looking back at the work now it is and was such a good learning experience. It gave insight to so many different aspects of being an entrepreneur.

Carbon Zero

Carbon Zero is a bamboo offsetting project. it was started in 2018 by several Green School students. They planted 200 bamboo seedlings for people to buy and offset their carbon emissions. This was a success because when we arrived in 2021 they were completely mature and ready for replantation. Initially we were offered an amount of land along one of Bali’s biggest rivers to replant these bamboo trees. This offer ended up not working out, we worked our way out of this problem by communicating; to find out that there were bamboo trees needed at TPA Gianyar. They suspected potential land erosion next to their sorting facilities. By Thinking in systems we came up with a solution, and offered our support in replanting our bamboo to prevent land erosion. With the bamboo tree’s at TPA Gianyar. The space where the bamboos were growing at the Green School now give way for new bamboo seedlings.

Kul Kul Farm

Through the Green School I was offered the opportunity to work In the kitchen of the Kul Kul Farm. They provide healthy produce, and organic meats at the Green School campus. During this 6 week internship I worked in the kitchen. Initially they made me clean dishes and do the dirty work. After some time this changed to cooking eggs and cutting vegetables. The last couple weeks I spent as cashier and waiter. To find out more click the logo below.

Service Trip: TPA Gianyar, Bali

This landfill is the second biggest in Bali. I took my entire senior class here. I wanted to show them what the cost of our ways of living are. This dump receives a 100 tons of waste every day. It was a shocking experience for the grade. While we were there I toured them around, while explaining how this place runs and what can be done to solve such a problem. Subconsciously this trip also brought justice to why I am trying to make Sibang Waste To Value a success. Creating a sustainable Bali while teaching kids, through a circular economy is where I see success.

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